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With its user-friendly interface design, you can easily learn
without spending too much time on the training process.


With our automatic backup system, you can prevent data loss by making automatic backups at the date and time intervals you specify.


With our security infrastructure that prevents access from outside, you can open access to all information in our system only to the people you specify.


You can work simultaneously with other applications that manage orders.


You can authorize the entire order operation on a user basis.


With the on-site and remote support team, you can find solutions to all your problems instantly.


TABPAD Retail Pos offers you a integrated infrastructure.

Do not pay for each module separately, have all modules in one software. You can have all modular features that TABPAD Retail Pos offers you with a single package application and that we will develop for free.

  • A la Carte - Table Sales
  • Barcode - Quick Sales
  • Caller ID - Package Sales
  • Stock - Cost Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Sales and Analysis Report Management
A la Carte - Table Sales

With TABPAD Retail Pos, you can easily define all sales tables belonging to your business. You can customize the sizes and colors of the tables and set your own table design. You can follow the instant status of all your tables on a single screen, and you can open temporary tables with the independent table feature. In this way, you can continue to receive your orders without wasting time in cases where the number of tables you have previously defined is not sufficient. Thanks to its flexible and simple interface, you can easily perform operations such as table moving, table merging, table splitting, current account assignment.

check Unlimited location definition
check Unlimited table definition
check Customized table sizing and designing
check Defining different color groups for table situations such as * Empty Table, * Full Table, * Printed Table, * Table With No Orders For A Long Time
check Move a table
check Combining multiple checks
check Check divide
check Assign a current account to the check
Barcode - Quick Sales

With our Barcode - Quick Sales System designed for businesses with self-service or barcode sales systems, you can easily and quickly sell your products by selecting them on a single screen or scanning their barcode.

check Product identification with 2D, 3D and QR barcodes
check Order hold
check Assign a current account to the sale
Caller ID - Package Sales

You can easily manage all your orders from outside with our Caller ID - Package Sales System. With the automatic customer recognition feature, you can receive orders from your customers who call your business without asking for information such as address and telephone. With the courier selection option, you can choose a courier and send your orders to your customer's address easily and quickly with the courier order delivery receipt that our system automatically prints after the courier selection process. At the end of the day, you can see which courier delivered how many orders and the total delivery time and evaluate the courier performance. By keeping the previous orders of your calling customers in the system, you can see your customers who placed the most orders among your customers.

check Courier description
check Automatic customer finding
check Creating a courier delivery receipt
check Defining more than one package service number
check Assign a current account to the check
Stock - Cost Management

Stock and cost management is one of the most important control mechanisms for your business. With the inventory management module offered by the TABPAD Retail Pos system, you can create your stock cards by grouping all products sold in your business as raw materials, semi-finished products, finished goods, and you can see the total stock amount and total stock value in your warehouse at any time.
With the multi-warehouse definition feature, you can keep the inventories belonging to the production points in separate warehouses. If you wish, you can create a central warehouse and make all your purchases to the central warehouse. If your other warehouses also need stock, you can easily transfer from your central warehouse to the requested warehouse with the "Warehouse Transfer Receipt".
With the recipe system, you can define the recipe and production recipes of all your products into the system, as soon as the check sale is completed, you can ensure that all defined stocks of the sold product are automatically deducted from the selected warehouse of the product. You can also define your inventory and consumable products that are not offered for sale to the system, and you can out your inventory and consumable products that are not used anymore from your warehouse with the "Fixture Out Receipt" and "Consumables Out Receipt". With the "Inventory Counting Receipt", you can see all the stock status of the warehouse you have selected on a single screen, and after entering your counting amount, you can see the amount of missing stock or excess stock.
With the different costing options offered by the inventory costing system, you can instantly cost your stocks in your warehouse as you wish. You can get all of your stock movements with multiple different report options in the stock reports, on a date-based or monthly basis.

check Defining unlimited stock cards
check Stock card grouping
check Recipe definition
check Flexible costing structure
check Stroge transfer memo
check Auto counting memo
check Manual input - output memo
check Flexible stock reports
Accounting Management

You can easily perform all your accounting transactions for your business with the accounting management module offered to you by the TABPAD Retail Pos system. You can perform all simple accounting transactions based on Daily Cash, Employee, Current, Customer, Expense, Bank and Cheque / Obligation.
You can manage all your payments and collections from your daily cash register with "Payment Transaction" or "Collection Transaction" receipts and follow up the details of the transactions made in your end of day report.
You can save the salaries of your employees in the system with the "Eearn Payment" receipt on the salary progress date and follow up how many creditors your personnel have from your business. You can make salary payments with the "Progress Payment" receipt on the day of salary payment and follow up all the accounting transactions between your personnel and your company in employees reports in detail.
In the "Purchase Invoice" transaction in the inventory management, you can record all your payments and collection systems by entering the "Credit Memo", "Payment Memo" or "Collection Memo" receipt for your daily cash transactions. Thus, you can track which products are purchased from which current account, see your total debit and credit value, and follow all transactions for the relevant current card on a single screen. Apart from purchasing transactions, you can create current cards and manage all your money-accounting transactions made with the relevant current card.
You can follow up open accounts on check basis for all your customers defined in your system and perform your payment transactions from customer accounting transactions. You can present all the check or accounting transactions of your customers to your customers with the account statement.
Depending on the accounting transactions you have made, you can assign Expense Cards to the relevant receipts, you can get detailed reports on the basis of the Expense Card you have selected, on the basis of the transaction or on the basis of date, so you can group your transactions on the basis of Expense Card and see your business expenses in detail.
You can define your accounts belonging to your accounts in the bank as Bank Card, by linking your collections or payments to the Bank Card, you can view the amount of transactions in which bank account and receive statement reports on the basis of bank card. At the same time, if you are using a credit card account in your company, you can save your payments directly to the desired accounting card with the "Credit Card Payment Memo".
You can save all your received, given or endorsed Cheque / Obligation to the system and you can follow up the status of your current Cheque / Obligation In The Portfolio, Returned, Refunded, On The Collection, Collected, Paid, Endorsed by making transactions on your relevant documents.

check Daily Cash Transactions
check Employee Accounting Transactions
check Current Accounting Transactions
check Customer Accounting Transactions
check Bank Activity Tracking Operations
check Cheque / Obligation Tracking Operations
check Expense Management Transactions
Sales and Analysis Report Management

You can reach all the details of your business with our constantly developing sales and analysis reports. You can create instant sales, detailed reports of all products sold, sales analysis of sales personnel, general analysis, past sales reports, based on date, and if you wish, you can view them on a single screen, print them out or export them in multiple different formats and archive them.

check Instant sale
check Past sale
check Date based reporting
check General analysis reports
check Printing
check Export
check Archiving


You can take your orders at the desk with portable handheld terminals or pocket devices instead of fixed touch screens or computers, thus shortening the order time.
You can also run our flexible GO POS software on Industrial Handheld Terminals, Android Pos PC, Tablets or Phones with Android or iOS operating system, and devices used by your staff.

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check Compatible design for any device.
check Android and iOS operating system support.
check Shorten the order time.
check Flexible use.
check Fast ordering support.


check Compatible design for any device.
check Android and iOS operating system support.
check Check Transaction Notification System
check End of Day Notifications
check Analysis and Reporting


Take control of your business with a lifetime licensing model and affordable pricing options for all the modules you need.
The TABPAD Retail POS Main User license must be purchased one for each business. * Prices do not include VAT.