The most economical and technological solution of sharing your menu qr menu

With the TABPAD Mobile Menu system, you can access the cameras of all smart devices without any application and installation.



Scan the QRcode on your smartphone's rear camera.

You can present your menu by scanning the QR code specially designed for you on the camera of smartphones with iOS or Android operating systems without having to install any application for your customers.



Make your Transaction .

TABPAD QR Menu offers you more than a menu application. After your customers have scanned the qr , they can examine your menu, join your survey system, call a waiter, request an check, call a valet and place their orders.



Your request was successfully performed.

According to the results of your customers' transactions, TABPAD services run in the background and perform all necessary operation processes.


Dark and Light Mode Option

You can set the data matrix menu design through your online management panel and offer your customers a different menu experience.

Table Operations

Your customers can perform operations such as Waiter Call , Request Check, Valet Call by scanning a special QR code created for each table with our data matrix menu application. You can view it through our online panel system or through the thermal writings you specify.



With the order module offered free of charge by the tabpad qr menu system, your customers can place their orders easily and quickly through options such as Table Order, Package Order, Take A Way Order.

Survey System

Instant thoughts, suggestions, complaints and satisfaction of your customers are very important in terms of developing your business. At this point, with the tabpad qr menu survey system we offer you, your guests can make an instant evaluation and the results of the survey reach the e-mail addresses you specify or the phone numbers you specify as SMS.


And Other Awesome Features

We are constantly improving ourselves to offer you more innovative and technological features. All the changes we have made are simultaneously published in tabpad tablet menu and tabpad qr menu systems.

12+ Different Language Options

With more than 12 languages available for free, you can easily present your tablet menu to your foreign customers.

Different Media Options

With video and photo upload options, you can display your menu product in a better quality.

Offer more information.

The kitchen is the invisible mine of your business. You can show your customers the preparation stories of your products and the information you want to offer in the detailed description section of our tablet menu system.

Show content alerts.

If there is a substance in your product that could cause health problems for your customers? In this case, TABPAD Menu application offers you a product-based content warning system before ordering your customers can place all the items in the product to order, so that you can get a health-free order.

Show the amount of calories.

You can show the calorie amounts of your products.

Service Period

You can present the preparation journey of your products to your customers on a time basis.

Campaign Management

With the advertising feature in your app, you can upload time-based or product-based ads so you can generate additional revenue for your business.

Cross-Currency Option

You can offer the whole menu to your customers with the currency options you want to use with the different currency options and the currency rate you specify.



With our annual advantageous prices, you can present your menu in a digital and interactive environment.
* Prices do not include VAT.


610 $ /year

  • Unlimited menu definition.
  • Free panel training.
  • 7/24 online support.
  • Free menu creation service.